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Drips Overview: Conversations as a Service

Every brand struggles to move people through their funnels. Consumers aren’t motivated to engage and brands are fighting diminishing returns on their outreach efforts. Drips Conversations as a Service is a new and better way to reach audiences to drive valuable outcomes. See how the platform works and why Drips is the premier choice for enterprises across major industries.

Drips Conversations as a Service

Empowering businesses to engage in real 1:1 conversations with their audience on a massive scale.

The Challenge

Every organization struggles to acquire new customers and move them through the consumer journey. Consumers aren’t motivated to engage and enterprises face diminishing returns on their outreach efforts.

The challenge stems from the sheer volume of outreach efforts made by contact centers, including numerous calls that go unanswered. Consumers are inundated with unsolicited calls, generic bulk messages and emails, facing the decision of whether to engage or not. Breaking through this overwhelming noise to capture attention has become more difficult. Notably, approximately 80% of Americans choose not to answer calls from unknown numbers.

The Drips Solution

Drips is able to reach customers through human-like two-way texting, scheduled calls, and voicemail messages at scale. This allows companies to engage their audience, capture intent, and drive meaningful outcomes.

How Does It Work?

Ask A Human Question

We start by asking a thoughtful question like, “Is now a good time to talk?” This makes it easy for the consumer to respond on their own time.

We Capture Intent

When you ask human questions, you’re going to get human responses. Through these responses, we recognize customer intent and send appropriate responses.

Adapt, Engage, & Drive To Outcomes

We use the intent signals to adapt to the conversation — we zig and zag with the consumer. Through a conversational approach, Drips seamlessly adapts to the consumer's pace. Even if the conversation spans days, we remain flexible and committed to achieving the desired outcome.

Scheduling calls can be quite challenging, but Drips makes it easy. We navigate the intricacies of coordinating a call with an agent to save further call center time.

Messaging At Scale

Whether it's hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands, Drips can scale your messages while maintaining personalization and uniqueness. In fact, at any given moment, Drips is holding over 3 million concurrent conversations on behalf of some of the world’s largest organizations.

Some of Drips' most successful use cases include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Bill pay reminders
  • Medicare AEP
  • Drive to autopay
  • Renewal and re-enrollment
  • Pharmacy pickup reminders
  • Past due payments
  • Re-engagement of disengaged customers
  • Upsells and cross-sells
  • Win-back campaigns

Platform Features

Drive To Site

Reduce the call volume of contact centers by using AI-powered conversations to drive consumers directly to actions on your website or app.

Drive To Call

It’s a struggle to get consumers to pick up the phone with traditional outbound dialing. Drips starts conversations for you and drives consumers to schedule a phone call only when they’re ready to take action.

AI-Powered Disqualification

Organizations are required to remove consumers from a campaign when they opt out — even if they say it in unpredictable ways. Our natural language understanding technology can help keep your outreach safe.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Launching your campaign isn’t the end of the road. You’ll see ongoing improvements from continual A/B testing and optimization managed for you by Drips.

Data Privacy

The privacy of our clients and their customers is our top priority. Drips is ISO 27001-certified and uses AI to dynamically scrub potentially sensitive information.

Drips Rules Engine

The Drips Rules Engine (DRE) uses a database of rules, regulations, and best practices to deliver robust and responsive compliance management at scale.


We offer an open API and a team ready to customize an integration to fit your CRM, marketing automation, dialer, analytics tools, and call center platform.

Drips Platform

Drips offers you the ability to communicate with your users in a way that resonates with them. Not only can this facilitate engagement, but it also allows you to leverage priceless intent data so you can adjust your campaigns in real time.

If you're looking to innovate your outbound strategy to reach more consumers, increase contact center efficiency, and get better results, Drips Conversations as a Service can help.