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Managed Services

Get an overview of Drips' managed service approach that makes it easy to integrate AI-powered outreach.

Get A Team, Not A Tool

Drips gives you the right combination of specialized text messaging expertise and tactical planning that acts like an extension of your own team. This allows the messaging strategy to align perfectly with your business goals.

Meet Your Drips Team

Client Success Manager

Bridges the gap between your strategy and Drips’ software to help you experience growth.

Client Insights Manager

Optimizes projects based on proven concepts, market research, and analytics.

Operations Team

Provides messaging, quality assurance, and maintenance so your projects are built for launch.

Not only is Drips’ AI technology constantly learning, improving, and evolving, it’s backed by an NLP model that doesn’t exist anywhere else. This lets us provide you with helpful data about how your customers interact with your communications.

Behind every text, there is a group of technical specialists who:

  • Continuously evolve our systems to meet the needs of an ever shifting and developing market.
  • Give you the ability to upload and download the data that is most important to you and your business via an open API.
  • Evolve our platform to integrate with the systems that matter most to you.

Collaborate with a team of professionals that provide creative solutions to ensure your Conversations as a Service campaign is built for success.