Managed Outreach Solutions

Authentic Enrollment Outreach

Drips lets higher learning institutions engage prospective students in real conversions at scale using AI-powered texting and calls.
  • Engage busy, hard-to-reach audiences
  • Drive online enrollment and scheduled agent calls
  • Leading-edge compliance
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Hi Carla, reaching out again from Capitol College. A degree can be your key to success. Can I give you a call and share more info?

Make Orientation A Conversation

Make Orientation A Conversation Give new students a warm welcome to improve satisfaction and successful outcomes.
  • Drive completion of documents and signatures
  • Offer orientation materials and training content
  • Connect to support resources and alumni networks
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Hey Jacob, it's Jim from Capitol College. Congrats on becoming a Capitol student! Please check out this new student checklist: capcollege.edu/5pf89
No problem, can we give you a quick call in 10 mins?

Navigate Degree Success

Encourage students to stay on track with their degree plan to create more success stories.
  • Send timely coursework reminders
  • Share additional learning opportunities
  • Give empathetic outreach to students who need support
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Hi Ella, this is Jim from Capitol College. We noticed that you haven’t completed any coursework in the past 3 days. Can we connect you to an advisor who can help?
We totally understand. Advising isn’t required, but it’s free and many students find it helpful! Are you interested in a quick call?

Retain More Students

Engage to overcome missed payments and other barriers to student success.
  • Drive bill payments and autopay
  • Send reminders before important deadlines
  • Re-engage lapsed students
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Hi Gabriella, your Capitol College payment is due today. Please remember to complete payment to avoid late fees. Do you need any help?
You may qualify for payment plan options. We’ll need to have a quick call. Can you talk now?

Busy People Need Real Conversations

Backed by proprietary AI technology, only Drips provides authentic two-way engagement on a massive scale.
Platform Overview

Get Your Questions Answered

What is FERPA?

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act): FERPA regulates the privacy of student education records and governs how institutions can use and disclose student information. It's important to ensure compliance with FERPA when collecting and using student data for enrollment outreach.

What are the rules and/or regulations do you need to comply with when doing outreach to prospective students?

The major ones include: FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), CAN-SPAM Act, TCPA, GDPR (European Union), state regulations, and your institution's ethical guidelines.

What is the top tactic for enrollment outreach?

Personalized communication is a key tactic for enrollment outreach. Tailoring communication to prospective students based on their interests, background, and stage in the enrollment process can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates.

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