Compliance Management

Working in the most heavily regulated industries, Drips stays at the forefront of compliance best practices. Our attorneys at McDermott are thought leaders in TCPA and experts in compliance specifically around state and federal telemarketing laws. Because of their expertise, we get compliance updates in real-time.

But we don't stop there. We leverage this expertise and our experience to offer our clients proprietary compliance management technology with every campaign we deliver.

Drips Rules Engine (DRE)

The Drips Rules Engine (DRE, for short) is our secret for robust and responsive compliance management. DRE uses a database of rules, regulations, and best practices that Drips uses for drafting conversational scripts at scale. These include state level regulations, FCC rules, industry-specific requirements, proven Drips best practices and much, much more. This technology empowers our clients to engage while adhering to the necessary rules and standards.


Determining when and how often we can and should reach out.


Identifying where and to whom we can communicate.


Defining any essential verbiage or effective conversational logic to be included.


Incorporating a library of tactical standpoints and software functionality that will be used on a client program.

Billions Of Compliance Configurations

For texts and calls that require prior consent, consumers are generally allowed to revoke consent (opt out) in any way that is clear and reasonable. The failure to honor these requests is one of the most common theories of CPA liability that we see in court.”
Matthew Knowles

Get Your Questions Answered

How do you help us prevent and manage global opt-out requests?

Because we're conversational in nature, we can handle what we call "conversational close-outs." We're able to capture in greater detail the specific communication that people wish to stop receiving. This can potentially mean that you can process a partial opt-out rather than treat their message as a global revocation of consent.

What impact can Drips have on the buyer journey?

It has never been harder to get the attention of your consumers. What's more, rules and regulations around outreach are constantly changing, which makes engaging harder every year. Drips is your partner in navigating this landscape. We are experts in "reaching the unreachable" with compliance at the forefront.

What are robocalls and robotexts?

These are calls and texts made, randomly or sequentially, to phone numbers using an “automatic telephone dialing system” or an artificial or prerecorded voice. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the FCC’s implementing rules, callers and texters must obtain “prior express consent” or “prior express written consent,” depending on the call/text content, from consumers to send such communications absent an applicable exemption.

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