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Drips is constantly innovating to ensure our clients can stay at the leading edge of outreach technology. Learn more about key platform features that power our best-in-class engagement, service, and compliance.
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Conversation Technology

Conversational Messaging

Drips has developed propriety conversations at a much greater natural language understanding (NLU) models to enable two-way scale than traditional contact centers.

Drive To Call

It’s a struggle to get consumers to pick up the phone with traditional conversations for you and drives outbound dialing. Drips starts
consumers to schedule a phone call only when they’re ready to take action.

Drive To Site

Reduce the need for contact center resources by using AI-powered conversations to drive consumers directly to actions on your website or app. Learn more.


Unreliable answering machine
detection (AMD) can lead to
truncated voicemail that loses your important message. Drips
effective voicemails that are clear technology leaves clean and whether your audience listens to them or reads the transcription.

Multimedia Messaging

Texting is more than just text. Drips supports images, audio, video, and file sharing using multimedia messaging. Learn more.

Compliance And Security

Disqualified By Drips

Organizations are required to remove consumers from a campaign when they opt out — even if they say it in unpredictable ways. Leverage our natural language understanding technology to keep your outreach safe.

TCR Registration

As a registered campaign service provider (CSP) with The Campaign Registry (TCR) we are ready to register your campaign for improved deliverability.

Data Privacy

The privacy of our clients and their customers is our top priority. Drips is ISO 27001-certified and uses AI to dynamically scrub potentially sensitive information.

Traffic Control

With over 3.5 billion touchpoints and other quality data sources, Drips can identify and preemptively disqualify consumers who are likely to unsubscribe or raise complaints about a given campaign.

Initiate By Drips

Some industries and use cases call for conversations to be started by live human agents. We have a human-initiated campaign option ready to go if required by your campaign.

Drips Rules Engine

The Drips Rules Engine (DRE, for short) uses a database of rules, regulations, and best practices to deliver robust and responsive compliance management at scale. These include state level regulations, FCC rules, industry-specific requirements, and much more.

State Of Emergency Monitoring

Even if you have consent, it’s a best practice to avoid texting and calling during natural disasters and states of emergency. Drips monitors these events and helps prevent you from reaching out at the wrong times.

State And Federal Holiday Rules

Contacting your audience on holidays can be bothersome — and even against the law in some areas. Drips recognizes holidays (even regional or less common ones) and modifies outreach accordingly.

Regulatory Monitoring And Solutioning

Drips works in the most highly regulated industries and receives timely updates about regulatory changes from our counsel. We help keep our clients safe by proactively modifying campaigns and sharing legal updates during QBRs.


Campaign Management

Tailored Scripting Package

Every Drips campaign gets a script tailored specifically to your industry, your audience, and your goals. We’ll work with you to choose the best tactics based on our proven experience leveraging consumer psychology to drive engagement and action.

Consent Audit

We will analyze your campaign goals and record sources to determine the level of consent needed to text and call safely.

Ongoing Optimization

Launching your campaign isn’t the end of the road. You’ll see ongoing improvements from continual A/B testing and optimization managed for you by Drips.

Performance Reports

Quarterly business reports will clearly show performance against benchmarks. Plus, your campaign data is available any time from the Drips Portal.

Call Flagging

Calls can often get flagged by carriers even for legitimate campaigns. We use physical and virtual test phones across all carriers to test your campaigns at scale.

Message Blocking

We test your campaigns SMS messages to uncover and resolve any potential spam flags. This helps maintain the reputation of your business phone numbers to maintain high consumer trust.

Data And Insights

Drips Portal

The Drips Portal gives you direct, self-serve access to your campaign data. Reports include a daily activity report and a report of upcoming scheduled calls to your contact center.

Audience Insights

There are a ton of insights shared in the thousands of conversations we have with your audience. Among other insights, you can receive invaluable record quality signals via webhook.


We offer an open API and a team ready to customize an integration to fit your CRM, marketing automation, dialer, analytics tools, and call center platform.

Salesforce App

For Salesforce users, we offer a pre-built Drips app that is ready to install.

Exit Poll

Uncover the reasons users opt out. Drips can ask why consumers unsubscribe from your campaign and report those insights to you.


Actionable Insights

Your audience has valuable insights to share — and Drips lets you hear them. With Actionable Insights, Drips analyzes thousands of unique responses captured during conversations. Then, we create actionable reporting that answers your most pressing consumer insight questions.


Get Your Questions Answered

What is omnichannel?

Omnichannel refers to a seamless and integrated approach to customer experience across multiple channels (e.g., online, mobile, in-store). This allows customers to interact with a brand consistently across various touchpoints, leading to a unified and cohesive experience.

What is MMS?

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) texting allows users to send multimedia content such as pictures, videos, audio clips, and text messages between mobile devices. It expands on traditional SMS texting by enabling the exchange of richer media content beyond simple text.

What is visual voicemail?

Visual voicemail is a feature on smartphones that displays a list of voicemail messages in a visual interface, allowing users to select, listen to, and manage messages in any order without having to dial into a traditional voicemail system. Importantly, this function often includes message transcription, allowing users to read their voicemails instead of listening. Because many users prefer reading messages, it's critical that your voicemails are transcription-friendly.

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