Managed Outreach Solutions

Connect With More Members

Drips lets plans and brokers engage prospective members in real conversions at scale using AI-powered texting and calls.
  • Engage hard-to-reach audiences
  • Drive conversions
  • Leading-edge compliance
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Hi Mary, it’s Joy from Health Today. I saw your request for info about our HealthPlus Silver plan. Can I call to tell you more?
No problem, we'll call to-
morrow at 10 AM.

Onboard With Value

Get higher engagement from new members to improve satisfaction and outcomes.
  • Drive welcome calls, portal registrations, and more
  • Coordinate preventive care
  • Highlight popular benefits
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Hey Wendy, it's Joy from Health Today. Welcome to your new plan! Please check out this article to understand your benefits: health.today/5pf89
ID cards are sent within 14 days of your plan's effective date. You can access digital cards here: health.today/2p1R0

Navigate To Healthier Outcomes

Encourage members to utilize benefits, make healthy choices, and engage with important programs.
  • Help members navigate health and pharmacy benefits
  • Improve medication adherence
  • Close care gaps
  • Maintain ongoing engagement
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Hi Carl, Health Today offers a comprehensive medication review to make sure your medications are correct. When can I schedule a call with a pharmacist?
Don't worry, this service is already included in your benefits! Can you talk later today?

Retain Plan Members

Engage about missed bills and other barriers safely and empathetically, while saving time for agents.
  • Drive bill payments and autopay
  • Manage Medicaid redeterminations
  • Engage around CAHPS surveys
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This is Grace with Health Today. Your Medicaid coverage is up for renewal. When can I connect you with a Community Assistor?
Even if you no longer qualify, a Community Assistor may be able to help you find coverage. Can you talk this week?​

Members Want Real Conversations

Backed by proprietary AI technology, only Drips provides authentic two-way member engagement at massive scale.
Platform Overview
Drips is doubling the quality of the conversations and improving morale for our salespeople.”
joe rogers
VP, Business Operations

Get Your Questions Answered

Is it legal and compliant to text consumers about health insurance?

Yes, it is legal and compliant to text consumers about health insurance if done in accordance with regulations such as the FCC's TCPA, as well as rules that fall under HIPAA, the HHS, the CMS, and others. It's important to understand the complexities of proper consent and to keep up to date with changing rules based on consumer location and the services you are offering. We strongly recommend working with qualified counsel and choosing an outreach vendor that takes compliance and privacy seriously.

Who governs the rules around Medicare outreach to potential members?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, governs the rules around Medicare outreach to potential members. They establish guidelines and regulations to ensure compliance with Medicare marketing rules and protect Medicare beneficiaries from deceptive or misleading marketing practices.

What determines whether a health plan should use an outreach platform versus relying on in-house solutions?

The decision to use an outreach platform versus relying on in-house solutions depends on many factors such as scalability needs, compliance requirements, integration needs, and the desired level of customization and control. At Drips, we believe that most large organizations with complex needs should consider procuring outreach services from a trusted vendor versed in the industry.

What's the best way to reduce contact center OpEx for healthcare?

The key to reducing contact center OpEx for healthcare is to let your trained agents focus on complex interactions that are likely to lead to valuable outcomes. Consider using AI tools to handle simple inquiries, while agents handle the detailed issues that come up later in the healthcare buying journey. By using Conversations as a Service, healthcare organizations can let an AI-powered platform start conversations and build intent, saving agents from wasting valuable minutes leaving voicemails and playing phone tag.

What are best practices for outbound contact to prospective health plan members?

Best practices for outbound contact to prospective health plan members involve using preferred channels such as texting, using personalized messaging, reaching out at the right time, and being polite yet persistent for hard-to-reach audiences. It's also critical to adhere to state and federal regulatory rules and guidelines.

How can AI help healthcare payers and brokers?

AI can help healthcare payers and brokers reach prospective members at larger scales than manual outbound dialing. An AI-powered Conversations as a Service solution can handle the early stages of the healthcare buying journey by answering questions, following up, and building intent. That means that agents can focus on talking to consumers who are informed and ready to take action. Platforms like Drips can even handle the back-and-forth of scheduling the call, increasing the efficiency of health insurance outreach.

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