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Proactive Member Engagement

Payers and brokers use Drips to increase enrollment and retention, boost member participation, and help improve health outcomes.
  • Engage hard-to-reach populations.
  • Make complex outreach goals simple.
  • Best-in-class compliance.
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Hi Mary, it’s Joy from Health Today. I saw your request for info about our HealthPlus Silver plan. Can I call to tell you more?
No problem, we'll call to-
morrow at 10 AM.

Reach More Patients

Drips conversations give healthcare providers a better way to engage hard-to-reach patients to provide access to care, boost adherence, overcome payment issues, and more.
  • Reach more patients compared to outbound dials.
  • Support HEDIS measures.
  • Personalized messaging that gets responses.
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Hi Sam, it’s Jen with OneHealth. Do you need help getting to and from your upcoming appointment with Dr. James?
Great, happy to help. Can I give you a call to set this up?

Engage Policyholders At Scale

Drips helps insurance carriers reach current and prospective policyholders with a better customer experience and at greater scale.
  • Convert more quotes.
  • Lower CPA compared to traditional phone outreach.
  • Reduce churn with empathetic bill reminders.
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Hi Nora, it's Amy from Trust Insurance. It looks like we may not have received your payment. Can we have a quick call? Text X to end.
Great! Remember you can pay online at trustins.com/h53K8

Complex Outreach Made Easy

Real conversations help guide customers smoothly through the complex interactions needed in financial services.
  • Maintain engagement through acquisition, processing, underwriting, and more.
  • Reduce churn with dynamic payment reminders, drive to autopay, and refinance offers.
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Hi Paul, it’s Bill from Treetop Financial. Rates are changing, and now could be a great time to refinance. Do you have time to hear more on a call?
We offer competitive rates, but we need more info to determine the details. Can you talk now?

Get Students Talking

Today’s students have countless demands and distractions that can stand in the way of their degree. Drips conversations keep them on track.
  • Reach more prospective students without hiring more agents.
  • AI-powered outreach continually follows up to drive enrollment.
  • Drips gets course and billing reminders the attention they deserve.
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Hi Ella, it’s Jim from Capitol College. You’re one step away from your new start as a Capitol student! Sign online to finish enrollment: capcollege.edu/2H8dU
Sure thing! I can explain payment plan options on a quick call. When works for you?

Proactive Member Engagement

Payers and brokers use Drips to increase enrollment and retention, boost member participation, and help improve health outcomes.
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Over 3.5 billion
touchpoints and counting
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Our Pillars

The Drips Difference

Keep It Real

When you start a real conversation, you get real responses. Using AI-powered SMS, voicemail, and scheduled calls, Drips delivers authentic engagement that drives results at a massive scale.
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Keep It Safe

Drips works with leading legal firms to help you stay on top of fast-changing outreach regulations that impact your industry. We hold ISO 27001 and HITRUST certifications and have developed multiple proprietary controls to support compliance.
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Keep It Easy

Drips isn't just an outreach tool. We give you a whole team to make it easy to integrate and deliver ongoing improvements to your Conversations as a Service campaigns.
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Learn How Spring Venture Group Doubled Its Medicare Quotes

Seniors in the saturated Medicare market can get so overwhelmed by contact that they simply tune out. When that happens, healthcare organizations like Spring Venture Group need an innovative approach. Read the case study to learn how they addressed this challenge with Drips.
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“Drips is doubling the quality of the conversations and improving morale for our salespeople.”
Joe Rogers
VP, Business Operations,

Get Your Questions Answered

How does Drips integrate with existing systems, such as CRMs, marketing automations, and analytics tools?

We offer an open API and a team ready to customize an integration to fit your CRM, marketing automation, dialer, analytics tools, and call center platform. Common technology integratIons include Salesforce, HubSpot, Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Five9, Marketo, and Zapier, which allows is to connect with dozens of platforms.

What support does Drips offer during implementation and after campaign launch?

During implementation your Drips team includes multiple outreach professionals who can help with every aspect of setup and ongoing performance improvement. These include your account manager, customer success manager, client insights manager, campaign coordination team, and the Drips operations team.

What industries benefit the most from Drips' services?

Drips has worked with many of the largest U.S. industries, and our Conversations as a Service solutions are applicable to a wide range of use cases. If your industry has large audiences with hard-to-reach segments, we strongly encourage you to contact our team to see if Drips work for you. Drips successfully driven outcomes for complex customer interactions in healthcare, insurance, financial services, higher education, home services, and other major industries.

How does Drips' Conversations as a Service (CaaS) differ from traditional consumer outreach methods?

Conversations as a Service is a new approach to outbound contact. It is more scalable, more personalized, and more engaging than traditional methods like outbound dialing, direct mail, and one-way text blasts. A big reason for this is that CaaS uses natural language processing to proactively engage consumers and empower them to have a humanized conversation at their own pace. CaaS adapts to customer replies and keeps driving toward an outcome, without additional resources from contact center agents.

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