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How Drips Does Conversational Marketing™

Our conversational AI engine is proven to improve lead-to-call conversion and reduce overall lead gen costs. Industry leading clients rely on us and we are passionate about serving them with white glove service and the highest levels of security and compliance. We turn your leads into high intent inbound calls via Conversational SMS™, so you can maximize agent time and reduce your costs. Our fully scalable solution allows you to increase or decrease your lead flow without having to hire or fire agents or worry about space constraints.

July 14, 2019

Why Nobody Answers the Phone Anymore – Not Even My Mom

Consumer research shows that people like to be able to call businesses to make purchases, especially when it comes to high-stakes products and services like insurance and healthcare. It’s no secret that people like to talk to real people when they are making a stressful purchase.

May 20, 2019

How to Use SMS Text Messages to Increase Sales and Inbound Calls

Whether you’re searching for your next meal or your next date, it seems like there’s an app for everything. Marketing’s attempt to become more relevant has taken a sharp turn towards becoming more transactional. Our attention is decreasing and yet, what we crave is a more human connection from brands.

March 31, 2019

How This Entrepreneur Proved SMS Marketing Could Be Marketing’s ‘Next Big Thing’

I sat down with Aaron Christopher “A.C.” Evans, CEO and co-founder of Drips.com to discuss why SMS is on such an upward trajectory, where most companies go wrong with the medium, and what to do instead. Based in Akron, Ohio, Drips is one of the nation’s fastest-growing SMS marketing platforms.

‘A 26% lift in lead to appointment conversion metrics’

“Our partnership with Drips has been a success because it’s allowed us to revitalize the way we nurture and work leads who don’t book an appointment right away. Drawing on their experience we were able to create a strategy that helped 3 Day Blinds see a 26% lift in lead to appointment conversion metrics”

Dan Williams, CRO: 3 Day Blinds

‘We were able to hit CPA goals with channels that previously were ROI negative’

We helped ProtectAmerica hit CPA goals with channels that previously were ROI negative. Within 30 days they doubled the revenue coming from lower intent channels. Allowing them to turn a previously negative ROI initiative into one of their most scalable profit centers to date. This is a great example of conversational SMS.

Scott Fleming, CEO: ProtectAmerica

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