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Drive To Site

Easily drive prospective and existing customers to any web page or web-based app with Drips.

Send customized, lead-specific URL driven campaigns that deliver a personalized experience to drive desired consumer behavior on their terms, all while maintaining brand compliance. By driving directly to the web, we minimize up-front costs while allowing you to seamlessly cater to an ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Why Use Drive To Site?

Custom, Lead-Specific URLs

Drive potential customers directly to a specific site or back to their last site interaction using your custom, lead-specific URLs. Encourage consumers to pick up where they left off in their engagement with your offer through remarketing or creatively engage your customer base throughout their journey. Deliver a long-form URL to Drips in real time and we’ll generate a text with a short, unique hyperlink along with dynamic and personalized messaging.

Highest Deliverability

Leveraging our advanced AI technology, Drips delivers personalized and programmatically varied messaging along with unique URLs, helping ensure receipt to increase engagement and retention.

Real-Time Reporting

Our reporting and analytics client portal allows you to track campaign KPIs on a project-by-project basis, giving you complete transparency and access to results when you need it.

By tracking rates on a per-campaign basis, our team of specialists continually split test and optimize messaging. This increases deliverability and prioritizes the user experience. Through Drips’ Drive to Site, our clients have doubled customer engagement and response rates, with click-throughs as high as 50%.


Drips makes it easy to maintain compliance through real-time updates to your online presence. Whether it's a necessary update or legal overhaul, consumers receive your new representations in real time without the need to retrain agents or entire teams. Drive to Site is a comprehensive solution for an ever-changing business climate.

Use Cases


Reengage potential customers who drop out of the funnel, fail to complete a form, or miss an opportunity for further interaction on your site. Leverage the power of our team and technology to configure highly targeted campaigns that speak directly to a prospective customer's personal experience with your organization. Encourage a continuous experience with your highest-intent segment.

Full Lifecycle Customer Engagement

Find new, scalable opportunities to engage your existing customer base. Send incomplete process notifications, past-due payment reminders, or informative updates. Allowing customers to easily engage brings added value to their relationship with you.

Marketing Partnerships

Further new or existing partnerships by engaging qualified consumers with new offers and complementary services. Drive users to branded sites to quickly gauge interest and obtain consent, ensuring a branded and compliant experience with targeted campaigns.

How To Get Started

The process for launching a Drive to Site project with Drips is simple. Once integrated with the Drips platform, businesses can begin to connect with prospective and existing customers in a meaningful and personalized way. Whether you're exploring web-based campaigns for the first time or looking to improve your current user experience, Drips is ready to build a solution tailored just for you.