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What Does Conversational Outreach Look Like In Your Call Center?

Learn what specific benefits AI-powered Conversations as a Service can bring to your call center.

What changes can you expect once you’ve implemented a Conversations as a Service alongside your outbound call center? Let’s explore some specific improvements that a conversational outbound strategy can achieve.

Shift To Scheduled Calls

The biggest change to your call center from conversational outbound will be a shift away from low-performing outbound dials. Instead, your agents will use more time to field scheduled, engaged conversations with customers.

Rather than relying on outbound dials that often go to voicemail, Drips uses AI-powered SMS and calling to build intent before a live conversation. Your agents only need to spend time with a prospective customer after they’ve already learned more, asked questions, and opted in for a call. As you can imagine, records that have already gone through these steps convert at vastly higher rates than typical dialing.

The core emphasis lies in enhancing efficiency gains within call centers by minimizing unscheduled outbound calls and prioritizing time with receptive customers instead. This shift allows for a concentrated effort on customers who are ready to talk. More conversations, more closed sales — and much less radio silence and missed opportunity.

A graphic with icons of a phone and SMS bubbles surrounding a work desk, showing how conversational SMS outreach can enhance efficiency for contact center agents.

More Educated Customers, Higher Intent Calls

Conversational outbound reshapes customer interactions by engaging customers in informative exchanges before an agent speaks to a customer. When the AI-powered outreach gets a response from a customer, it will go back and forth with them over multiple touchpoints. The platform will respond to common questions and concerns with scripted answers or links to educational content. Even if this is spread out over days or weeks, it requires no involvement from agents. This preserves valuable agent time, while empowering the customer to engage when they are available and ready.

A call with a live agent (if necessary) is only scheduled when the customer is ready to proceed. Platforms like Drips will even handle the complexities of scheduling these calls for you, making integration simple.

Drips establishes a foundation of knowledge and intent that makes scheduled calls more productive and, frankly, much more pleasant for customers and agents alike. This pre-call exchange not only streamlines the conversation but also tends to shorten the decision-making process. Often, these high-intent customers only require a few additional details before finalizing their commitment.

Less Stress During Peak Seasons

Another notable advantage of Conversations as a Service lies in its ability to alleviate the pressure during peak seasons. By handling common FAQs using AI conversations, it relieves live agents of the burden associated with repetitive inquiries. This allows them to focus on more complex and nuanced customer queries with high potential to convert.

As detailed in a previous blog, the streamlined processes and reduced workload for live agents demonstrate how conversational outreach excels in mitigating stress during high-demand periods. This helps contact centers allocate their time and expertise more effectively. This will be music to the ears of your workforce management team, who will have new tools to cope with peaks beyond simply staffing up.

Proven Success For Call Centers

The shift caused by Conversations as a Service isn’t merely anecdotal. Here at Drips, we’ve seen the strategy work countless times in real-world case studies.

“Our call center agents are excited to get Drips calls because they have more positive conversations with people who are interested in the offer. It’s a better use of their time, and especially beneficial to our new hires who get to learn the process faster by talking to someone rather than making a large volume of cold calls without ever speaking to a person….” - Stephanie Fawver, InfoCision Director of Client Service


InfoCision’s call center saw a 60% surge in consumer engagement after incorporating Drips’ conversational outbound strategies. This change not only made calls more productive, but it also improved employee satisfaction.

“Drips has provided greater efficiency for us and created more opportunities for our sales team. And the customers respond well to the technology and engage with it.” - Kim Riddle, AIS Director Affinity Marketing


Similarly, auto insurance carrier AIS experienced a surge in inbound calls and an impressive 32% convearsion rate with customers. The familiarity customers had with the offerings due to the conversational outreach meant that more callers were primed to commit to binding a policy.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Conversations as a Service is not just about call volume. It's about creating meaningful, informed interactions that enhance the overall customer experience. This has become particularly crucial in today’s landscape, where consumer expectations are at an all-time high.

54% of consumers expect enterprises to expand their customer engagement methods (Chicago Tribune).

According to a 2020 Salesforce study, 86% of customers say the societal role of companies is changing and that enterprises need to demonstrate their value and provide outstanding customer connections. An additional 54% of consumers expect enterprises to expand their customer engagement methods (Chicago Tribune).

With that in mind, why not consider expanding your outreach strategy using an effective method that customers love?

Transform Your Contact Center With Conversational Outreach

The adoption of Conversations as a Service represents more than a strategic change. It’s a fundamental overhaul in how call centers interact with clients. This approach not only enhances efficiency gains but also alleviates stress during peak seasons. It significantly improves the customer experience by empowering customers to engage when and how they prefer, using real conversations and the convenience of texting.

Drips has helped hundreds of the world’s biggest enterprises make this shift in their call center. We’ve helped them improve employee morale, enhance consumer experience, and increase engagement. Our managed service approach will help you seamlessly navigate the complexities of messaging, cadence, data integration, and outreach compliance — so that your contact center can focus on hitting goals and delighting customers.

What would a 60% increase in engagement mean for you?

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