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Breaking Through The Noise

With all the noise from messages across multiple outreach competing for our time, new voicemail approach are needed to break through.

Here's something we all have in common — we’re all consumers of some kind, and thus experience marketing tactics ranging from emails to commercials and billboards. But with all the noise from messages competing for our time, what actually breaks through?

Let’s look at an example from the average consumer.

A Day In The Life Of The Average Consumer

For the sake of this example, let’s follow Tiffany, the very definition of “the average consumer” down the line: middle class, married, in her 30s, employed, with 2.5 kids. (We’re assuming the .5 is a family pet.) It’s 5:30 pm, and Tiffany is doing something most people do when they first get home from work — she’s checking the mail. She grabs the handful of pieces in her mailbox and brings them inside, putting the rest of her stuff in its designated place, dodging her kids’ questions like a pro, and making sure the family dog Fluffy doesn’t try to escape. Again.

When Tiffany finally starts to review the mail, she stands by the trash and immediately throws away the mail that’s junk. Grocery ads? Tosses it — she’s using a food subscription service this month. New credit card application? Shredded without even opening. Loan consolidation? Not today — torn to bits. But then she gets to a piece that stumps her. Tiffany prides herself in the ability to identify “junk mail” when she sees it, but this one appears handwritten. She doesn’t recognize the sender, but she still opens it. Why?

Without disclosing what was in the envelope, why do you think Tiffany opened this one and not the others?

A Different Approach Stands Out

It almost doesn’t matter what the contents were in this hypothetical situation because the situation is so relatable.

The hand-written letter stood out compared to everything else. It’s human nature. We tend to gravitate toward personalized or differentiated experiences because we’re naturally curious about the outcome. The same is true when it comes to communication. If you have a bunch of voicemails, and you’re checking to see which one to listen to first, the one that stands out visually will be the one with the most complete transcription. And that one will get the most engagement (and maybe even have less chance of being immediately deleted).

Visual Voicemail By Drips

When it comes to voicemail that is accurate, easily transcribed, and compliant, it’s essential to choose the right partner. Drips can help you send the right cadence of voicemails, texts, and scheduled calls that will yield the best balance for you to engage your audience.

Embrace the convenience of Visual Voicemail by Drips and give your audience a simplified way to enter your campaign, with proper context in less time and a click (or tap) to call instantly.

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