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The Outreach Strategy Medicare Plans Need For AEP

For Medicare Advantage organizations looking to grow, the right outreach strategy is key. Hear our take on AEP innovation, and don't miss our 2024 AEP eBook for more insights.

Medicare Advantage Outreach Innovation

Capturing the attention of customers and fostering meaningful interactions with them has become increasingly challenging. This is even more of a struggle for complex and sensitive industries like Medicare. When it comes to the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), we’ve seen first-hand the importance of innovative and consumer-centric proactive outreach.

The Medicare Advantage market stands at an inflection point. Demographic shifts and regulatory changes are growing the industry. However, Medicare Advantage organizations (MAOs) will need to innovate to sustain their momentum. We know that evolving consumer preferences demand a strategic and proactive approach to engaging Medicare beneficiaries.

Drips understands that effective communication is not merely about sending messages, but also about fostering genuine connections that resonate with members. Through our Conversations as a Service platform, we empower organizations to engage with members authentically and compliantly. By leveraging SMS, scheduled phone calls, and voicemail, we facilitate two-way conversations that drive members towards valuable outcomes at their own pace. This humanized approach not only ensures higher engagement and conversion rates but also fosters lasting relationships with members.

 If you’re ready to explore the latest innovations in AEP outreach, don’t miss the Drips 2024 AEP Performance Report. This eBook not only shows our successes in the most recent AEP, but also offers invaluable data and insights to help you plan for the year ahead.

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