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Retain By Drips

When contacting customers about sensitive billing issues, it's all about how you say it™. Learn how Drips delivers empathetic and effective outreach for your entire retention lifecycle.

Ignored bills in the mail, missed outbound calls, and a sea of emails and SMS alerts… These are still the most common forms of outreach that enterprises use to retain customers. But due to user inundation, one-way push outreach methods are working less and less each year

Make Retention A Conversation

Conversations as a Service starts with a question and allows the consumer to respond on their own time. Then, AI-powered dialogue gains insights from the consumer and continues the conversation with texting, calling, and voicemail.

Conversations as a Service And The Retention Cycle

Conversations as a Service improves results at every stage in the retention lifecycle. Drips clients who implement a complete package of campaigns see more on-time payments, better retention, reduced OpEx, and more. Drips works closely with your team to build solutions tailored to match your internal processes.

Keep It Safe

You may think administrative messages are more relaxed, but there are some states that have specific regulations around reaching out for billing reminders. For example, Massachusetts only allows three touchpoints per week for collections.

We recommend that enterprises carefully choose a vendor who can make it easy to manage these compliance issues. Drips works with leading legal counsel and has developed proprietary technology to support outreach compliance.

Start Retaining More Customers With Drips

Get the whole story about how Drips transforms customer retention and billing. Get the Retain by Drips product guide here.