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Redefining Customer Engagement: Introducing Drips — Conversations as a Service

Learn how Drips Conversations as a Service redefines customer engagement with a platform that delivers real, effective conversations at scale.

In a landscape where traditional outreach methods often result in minimal engagement and consumer disconnection, businesses need to innovate to establish meaningful connections amidst the noise. Drips Conversations as a Service enables a better way to engage. Drips brings innovative technology with a managed service approach that relieves companies of the heavy lifting while bringing better results across the entire consumer journey.

The Challenge Of Engagement In Today's Landscape

The difficulty of reaching consumers today cannot be overstated. The average open rate for marketing emails hovers around 20%, with click-through rates even lower. Cold calling is met with increasing resistance due to spam filters and caller ID, making it an inefficient and often intrusive method. In such a landscape, engaging consumers at scale in a compliant manner that resonates with a company's brand voice is increasingly difficult.

Introducing Drips: Conversations as a Service

In this challenging space, Drips offers a groundbreaking solution that redefines customer engagement. Unlike traditional outbound methods, Drips leverages the power of Conversations as a Service — a novel approach that prioritizes authentic, two-way dialogue over scripted interactions.

At its core, Drips operates by asking questions at scale, enabling companies to connect with consumers in a manner that feels personal and relevant. By rejecting the conventional model of large call center outbound dialing and email campaigns, Drips paves the way for meaningful interactions that drive higher engagement and foster genuine connections.

The Essence Of Conversations as a Service

What sets Drips apart from other outreach services? It's simple: We don't just replace traditional outbound contact center software — we redefine it. Our platform empowers companies to focus their resources on nurturing relationships with consumers who are actively engaged and ready to take action — whether it's scheduling appointments, resolving issues, or making purchases.

Our results prove that human-like AI dialogue can bridge the gap between businesses and consumers. By meeting people where they are and speaking their language, we facilitate authentic conversations that build trust and loyalty over time.

Transforming Customer Interactions, One Conversation At A Time

With Drips, the focus isn't solely on driving sales or conversions. It's about cultivating genuine connections that endure. Our track record speaks for itself: Leading brands like Experian, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and AllState have witnessed engagement increases of up to 4X after partnering with us.

But beyond the numbers, it's the stories of real-world impact that truly resonate. Whether it's a homeowner finding the perfect insurance coverage or a patient receiving timely healthcare reminders, Drips enables companies to make a tangible difference in the lives of their customers.

Roles And Responsibilities

We delineate the roles and responsibilities of both Drips and our clients, providing a streamlined understanding of the tasks involved in managing outreach campaigns effectively.

Client Responsibilities

  • Approve outreach language for brand consistency and standards
  • Set up file exchange with Drips
  • Identify eligible records and include them in campaigns
  • Set up a Drips call center queue and answer calls from Drips
  • Receive campaign dispositions
  • Take appropriate actions such as handling opt-outs
  • Define success criteria and hold Drips accountable

Drips Responsibilities

  • Manage telecom services
  • Help maintain compliance with regulations and privacy rules
  • Design outreach campaigns
  • Recommend messaging content and timing
  • Categorize AI responses
  • Provide contact center training materials
  • Test and register campaigns with carriers
  • Validate message deliverability
  • Monitor campaigns continuously
  • Identify and address unusual member responses
  • Monitor campaign success and deliver required reporting
  • Manage opt-outs

Join The Conversation With Drips

So, if you're ready to innovate your outreach efforts and make a real impact, look no further than Drips. We’re more than just a solution provider — we're your trusted partner in mastering customer conversations. Let's start a conversation today and discover the transformative power of Conversations as a Service.