Drips Co-Founder and CEO A.C. Evans joined the One Liners podcast to discuss Drips, big TCPA compliance changes, what’s next in AI, and much more. Watch the whole interview here and read on for some highlights from the conversation.

How Drips Fits Into The Conversational AI Space

There are thousands of conversational AI marketing companies, and more coming all the time. So what sets Drips apart in that space?

Most of those thousands of companies are in the inbound, "Hi, how are you?" space. They aim to reduce resources needed for inbound contact centers.

Drips, on the other hand, is the leader in delivering proactive, outbound contact using conversational AI. We make it more efficient and effective to reach consumers at all stages of the buyer journey. Our clients are finding fewer people are responding to the old ways like outbound dialing and one-way push outreach. Drips gives them a solution to increase engagement and drive those important outcomes.

The Impact Of TCPA Consent Changes

One of the recent changes to TCPA consent rules is one-to-one consent. Basically, this rule means that prior express written consent disclosures must authorize just one identified seller, and only that named party is given consent to call or text. In addition, when they do contact the consumer, it needs to be “logically and topically associated” with the interaction where the consumer gave consent. These changes go into effect January 27, 2025.

That’s a big shift. But, “one-to-one” could be a bit confusing for some people. It doesn't mean the consent is 100% exclusive, it just means that the consumer knows who they are giving consent to for outreach. For example, organizations could still offer the option to select multiple sellers for consent on a single form.

As A.C. explains, the key is transparency to the consumer. With that goal in mind, many organizations will be able to adapt, especially for first-party leads. The biggest impact will be for third parties that sell leads. Some of these companies will go back to hand dialing and manual texting, which doesn't have the same consent requirements. Leads they generate this way will probably sell for less, since they cannot be contacted with ATDS, power dialers, or other automations.

Read more about Drips’ approach to consent rules and compliance.

Staying Ahead Of The AI Curve

Drips was an early leader in AI-powered outreach, and we continue to innovate and stay on the cutting edge of AI-powered Conversations as a Service.

People may know that large language models (LLMs) are the driving force behind generative AI tools like ChatGPT. We've used LLMs for recognizing intent for years, and we customize our models based on data from billions of previous Drips touchpoints. So, our models are laser-focused on driving the outcomes our enterprise clients care about the most.

Generative AI will continue to evolve and become more important in the future. However, many enterprises are wary of actually letting AI generate texts and send them to customers. There’s too much risk that an unexpected or inaccurate message will reach a consumer. Drips uses AI to understand customers, but we only send messages that are vetted by our clients. So, that gives enterprises the benefits of AI without the risks they worry about with generative tools.

A.C. shares that the next horizon for Drips is using AI for conversational insights. This means rather than simply driving outcomes, we could also deliver invaluable insights gained from customer interactions. These insights can empower companies to improve lead quality, understand market trends, and identify new opportunities and areas for improvement. These insights start out as raw, unstructured data, and LLMs can help us structure that data into actionable reports.

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