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Example Conversation: Drips Welcome +

What does customer onboarding look like with Drips? See how a real Drips conversation plays out to welcome a healthcare consumer to their insurance plan.

See How SMS And AI Transform Customer Onboarding

Welcome campaigns are key for maintaining high customer satisfaction. Drips helps brands enhance new customer onboarding with personalized SMS conversations. Download this example conversation to see how Welcome + by Drips can innovate your customer engagement.

Meet Jacob

Jacob recently enrolled in a health insurance plan with Health Today. Like many consumers, he was highly engaged while signing up, but his engagement dropped after the process was complete. Let’s see how Drips Conversations as a Service uses AI-powered SMS to provide information, solve common issues, and drive important outcomes.

A few highlights from Drips’ conversation with Jacob:

  • We reached out with SMS to let Jacob decide when to respond.
  • We followed up with a cadence of educational content.
  • We recognized common issues and offered immediate responses to avoid dissatisfaction.
  • We connected to additional campaigns like a push to paperless billing to drive further outcomes.

Welcome campaigns are more than just a friendly message. Drips Welcome + drives real impact and enhances success for the whole customer journey.