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Drips For Higher Education

Learn how Drips Conversations as a Service offers an innovative way to engage hard-to-reach students.

Drips Conversations as a Service delivers a proactive, consumer-centric outbound strategy to reach students who don't respond to traditional outreach.

Why Choose Drips?

Drips is reinventing education outreach using a three-pronged managed technology approach with proven results for higher education institutions.

Keep It Real

Traditional outbound communication channels don’t allow people to respond and engage on their terms. Drips helps universities and education service providers engage current and prospective students in real conversations to drive better results.

How do we do it? With AI-powered Conversations as a Service, we hold real, two-way interactions using SMS, scheduled calls, and voicemail.

Keep It Safe

From federal FCC rules like the TCPA to specific state-level regulations, our proprietary systems go above and beyond to help protect your reputation while getting results. Drips works with leading legal firms to help you stay on top of fast-changing outreach regulations. Plus, we’re ISO 27001-certified to preserve information security in your marketing tech stack.

Keep It Easy

Drips isn't just an outreach tool. We give you a whole team to make it easy to integrate a conversational outbound strategy. This managed service approach includes hands-on support with integration, campaign scripting, testing, split testing and optimization, and ongoing reporting and improvements.

Use Cases

With the power to engage current and prospective students with real conversations, Drips excels in use cases across the entire consumer journey.


Drips lets higher learning institutions engage prospective students in real conversions at scale using AI-powered texting and calls.

Example use cases: 

  • Drive online enrollment and scheduled agent calls
  • Follow up with applicants to boost conversion rates
  • Increase call center efficiency and reduce OpEx


Get higher engagement from new students and improve satisfaction.

Example use cases: 

  • Drive portal registration and welcome calls
  • Improve orientation attendance
  • Resolve common questions


Improve academic results and career outcomes by engaging students in helpful services.

Example use cases: 

  • Boost usage of academic and career resources
  • Proactively offer personalized help with math, writing, and other core skills


Engage about missed bills and other barriers safely and empathetically, while saving time in your call center.

Example use cases: 

  • Drive bill payments and autopay
  • Re-engage lapsed students
  • Offer related and additional programs

It’s all about how you say it™

With tailored AI outreach technology, experienced campaign management personnel, and leading-edge compliance solutions, Drips redefines outbound strategy for higher education. Get in touch today to start getting results with Conversations as a Service.

Contact Drips today to start innovating your student outreach.

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