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How Spring Venture Group Doubled Its Medicare Quotes

Seniors in the saturated Medicare market can get so overwhelmed by contact that they simply tune out. When that happens, healthcare organizations like Spring Venture Group need an innovative approach. Download the case study to learn how they addressed this challenge.

A Medicare Leader

Spring Venture Group is a leading direct-to-consumer health insurance company providing personalized guidance to seniors looking for Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. But with so much noise in the market, it was becoming harder than ever to make authentic connections with seniors.

Challenge: Overwhelmed Seniors

When interested consumers fill out a web form to learn about their Medicare plan options, Spring Venture Group follows up with a phone call to connect them with a licensed agent. The agent can then help them compare plans and enroll in one that fits their needs. However, with more spam calls than ever targeted at seniors in this saturated market, connect rates were starting to fall. Tired and overwhelmed, seniors just weren’t picking up the phone.

After a few days of call attempts, Spring Venture Group determined that a consumer could not effectively be reached by outbound dials. It seemed there was no way to effectively contact these interested seniors who still had potentially unmet coverage needs. That’s when Spring Venture Group reached out to Drips.

Solution: Empathetic Outreach At Scale

Drips is a leading provider of Conversations as a Service, a strategy that uses AI-powered text messages, calls, and voicemail to connect with consumers. Drips opens up conversations using personal and purposeful questions to invite seniors to engage. Then, the AI platform follows up, continually adapting to how the consumer responds. Drips’ mission was clear: Use conversational outbound technology to help Spring Venture Group reach these seniors who weren’t picking up the phone.

The Drips team worked closely with Spring Venture Group to understand the challenge, create on-brand campaign scripts, and help with necessary data integration. The campaign was designed to engage seniors who did not respond to calls for three days. Drips engaged these consumers with SMS and carried on the conversation until they were ready to talk to a licensed agent.

Results: Higher-Quality Conversations

The licensed agents began to receive higher-intent inbound calls from Drips — a welcome change from repeatedly dialing seniors overwhelmed by outreach. Spring Venture Group noticed the higher conversion potential using Drips’ strategy. Using Conversations as a Service, Spring Venture Group saw a doubled quote rate, a 142% higher conversion rate, and a 77% reduction in CPA compared to their standard approach.

Drips’ team of experts helped Spring Venture group manage the compliance aspects of SMS outreach, including regulations like the TCPA and ever-changing CMS guidelines. Drips also provided a data portal and regular reports with valuable insights gained from SMS conversations. Most of all, Drips enabled Spring Venture Group to connect with seniors who may not have received adequate care otherwise.

“To think that older Americans aren’t texting is naïve. Every senior that newly turns 65 is going to feel that much more comfortable using a texting platform.”
Joe Rogers
VP, Business Operations, Spring Venture Group