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How AIS Insurance Doubled Their Transfer Rate

See how Drips reinvigorated AIS’ Quoted Not Sold follow-up approach with a conversational messaging strategy. The result? Increased engagement with AIS’ audience and a higher rate of conversion for inbound phone calls.

About Auto Insurance Specialists

With more than 50 years of experience, AIS Insurance works with many highly rated auto insurance companies to find their customers the best available coverage.

Before Drips

AIS Insurance was looking for higher contact and engagement rates, better conversions, and, of course, cost-efficiency from customers who had requested auto insurance quotes. Since 2014, their primary method of outreach was a third-party outbound call center. But AIS quickly found that people were less inclined to answer phone calls and more prone to text. Since AIS’ contact rate was declining, they needed a better way to deliver high intent consumers to the call center so that call center agents could spend more time closing deals instead of chasing hard to contact shoppers. That’s when they decided to reach out to Drips and try a conversational outreach approach.

Solution: Re-Engage With A Conversation

AIS partnered with Drips to reinvigorate their Quoted Not Sold follow-up approach. Drips implemented a conversational outreach strategy that increased engagement with AIS’ audience that ultimately converted into inbound phone calls at a much higher rate. Every step of the way, Drips communicated with AIS about the progress of the campaigns, providing excellent solutions for continuous optimization. In addition to providing recommendations, Drips provided a true partnership with white-glove service and responsive communication.

Results: Increased KPIs And Lower Costs

AIS has experienced increased KPIs across the board, with their prospect-to-transfer rate nearly doubling since implementing Drips. In addition, the cost to warm transfer metrics also dropped by $7 overall proving that Drips can be a much more cost-efficient option contact strategy vs a call center. The experience for AIS’ audience was improved as well. Instead of calling and being quickly transferred, they now had an opportunity to have a conversation and engage via SMS, ask questions, and ultimately drive the conversation and timing of the quote. After the success of the initial campaign, Drips launched a new campaign helping AIS contact new prospects who hadn’t received a quote. That campaign saw as high as 32% conversion rate and Drips continues to help AIS test other publishers and marketplaces to scale new customer acquisition further.