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Get Creative With MMS

Curious how you can creatively use MMS to engage and delight your audience? See four examples spanning the entire consumer journey.

How Business Can Improve Texting Campaigns With MMS

Wondering if MMS makes sense for your outreach goals? Download this guide for visual examples of best practices for multimedia outreach.

Meet Samantha

Samantha is a Medicare beneficiary who needed a new health plan. After researching some options, she decided to begin an application with the insurer Health Today. Let’s see how Health Today uses MMS — texting with images, GIFs, videos, and more — to engage and delight throughout the consumer journey.

In these examples, Drips uses MMS to:

  • Re-engage Samantha about her web submission with a how-to video.
  • Answer questions in a clear and enjoyable way with images.
  • Boost adoption of new programs with a testimonial video.
  • Maintain a positive tone with MMS for billing outreach.

MMS can make your organization stand out by delighting your audience, boosting both satisfaction and valuable conversions.