Drips Helps Gainsco Close an Additional 400-500 Sales per Month

The Challenge

GAINSCO Auto Insurance® was in transition mode. To support their growth objectives and to align with their digital migration initiative for 2018-19, they began to rapidly expand the size and scale of their in-house sales operation. There was a continuous cycle of purchasing leads and routing them through GAINSCO’s rating and phone systems, and they soon discovered that speed-to-dial and lead engagement numbers were inconsistent and were starting to become a financial liability.

Their in-house agents were spending nearly a quarter of their day placing outbound calls rather than selling insurance policies. GAINSCO steadily added agents to keep up, but the end result was increased cost over minimal gain. They knew they needed to optimize and standardize their internal sales processes.

The Solution

During the summer of 2018, Drips and GAINSCO partnered to create an engagement strategy and implement a process that would flip the GAINSCO agents’ efforts from outbound calling to answering qualified inbound calls. The goal was to be much more efficient with marketing dollars while scaling the volume of new policies written.

GAINSCO liked the power of the Drips conversational messaging® platform powered by artificial intelligence. This proprietary platform allowed for communications to be helpful, not persistently irritating, and proved to be efficient in saving agents’ time and maximizing efficiency.

The Drips account team developed a fully automated, predictable engagement strategy that connected with leads through customer need messaging. Aside from logistical and digital enhancements, the strategy included immediate outreach to each lead using a combination of phone calls and conversational text messages that focused on bringing the value proposition of GAINSCO’s product to the forefront of the conversation.

The Results

  • Engagement rate doubled while reducing CPA
  • 400-500 additional sales closed per month
  • Top line revenue increased by tens of thousands of dollars per month
  • Lead volume doubled through the platform since launch

The collaboration between Drips and GAINSCO to solve their lead outreach challenges worked so well they are now constructing additional projects that will allow GAINSCO to automate and standardize other customer touch points along the customer journey, from initial policy bind through renewal retention.

"From our first conversation with the people at Drips, we were excited about the possibilities, but the proof is in the implementation and results. Drips has been a fundamental game-changer in our sales process, allowing us to increase conversion and feel confident scaling for future growth.”

- Nicole M. Dalal , SVP, Customer Service and Policy Operations

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