Think It’s Impossible to Double Engagement Rate While Lowering your Overall CPA?

It has been our experience that hitting your specific sales and revenue goals is not impossible as long as you make the right partnerships along the way. We believe that embracing innovation and technology can be the key to solving many common pain points felt by companies within the insurance industry.  And sometimes, all it takes is an entirely new approach to engaging your leads to help your company reverse the declining trend of contact rates and get much more juice from the same leads. 

Learn how Drips helped a regional leader in auto insurance, GAINSCO Auto Insurance®, use Conversational Texting® to double their engagement rate, increasing their sales by an additional 400-500 per month, while lowering their overall CPA.

The Story of GAINSCO Auto Insurance

First of all, when it comes to finding new ways to close additional sales, you’re not alone in the hunt. Many businesses are struggling to get potential customers to pick up the phone.  

Let’s take a look at one of our client success stories, GAINSCO. 

Like many other companies, GAINSCO fell into a cycle of buying leads and then routing them directly to their call center. This meant their sales team was wasting countless hours on outbound calling instead of selling actual insurance policies. Due to the decreasing year over year contact rates, they had to buy more leads and increased outbound calling efforts, GAINSCO hired more agents to keep up with demand, but with little success in terms of closing sales. Sound familiar?  

So, eager to find a better solution, GAINSCO partnered with Drips. By flipping the process on its head, we created an engagement strategy unique to them that moved efforts from wasting valuable hours by outbound calling to simply answering high intent qualified inbound calls.  

Through the use of our Conversational Messaging® platform, we were able to develop a customized strategy that included immediate outreach to leads using automated phone calls and AI-driven text messaging that focused on being helpful, direct and efficient.  

Drips was able to double the lead engagement rate that GAINSCO previously had no choice but to settle for. Not to mention lowering all in customer acquisition cost, or CPA. Want to see the rest of the results we provided for GAINSCO Auto Insurance?

What is Conversational Text Messaging™?

As the first Conversational Texting company in the market, Drips has innovated the way companies generate leads and sales. Drips uses artificial intelligence to create automated, humanized conversations at scale. And, we do it all with zero client-side operators.  

In a world where no one is answering the phone and email inboxes are piling up, it’s necessary to find new ways to speak with your potential customers. With a 93% open rate for text messages, it’s a valuable opportunity for companies just like yours to improve leads, increase conversions and reduce cost per acquisition.  

Our platform and white-glove service is priceless for helping brands communicate with clients in a way, and at a rate, that has never been possible without immense client-side human resources. 

Does it Make Sense for Your Business?

Is Drips the right partner for your company? Ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Are you spending more time on outbound calls than sales?  
  • Are you seeing contact rates declining year over year? 
  • Is your marketing budget being spent on mediocre results?  
  • Do you need a new way to improve top-line revenue?

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