LeadsCouncil “Ask the Experts” with Drips CEO, AC Evans

The LeadsCouncil is an independent association, comprised of members who unite with a common goal of promoting best practices and fostering trust across verticals. The association is made up of companies in the online lead generation industry, including buyers, sellers and technology solutions providers.  

Over the past week, Drips CEO, AC Evans, had the privilege of joining the LeadsCouncil Leadership Series in an “Ask the Experts: COVID-19 Industry Alert” virtual session. As the Chief Executive Officer for Drips, AC is a thought leader in the conversational marketing® space and offers a unique perspective on the impact of COVID-19 on the industry.  

The virtual session is a must-see for any marketer trying to navigate the murky waters of life during the global pandemic. It’s an opportunity to learn from industry leaders how their companies are addressing issues related to COVID-19 and how to approach business during this uncertain time.  

Key Takeaways from the LeadsCouncil Leadership Session

Companies are feeling the effects of making the rapid transition to full-time work from home environments. For some companies, the transition is a little easier, but other companies are struggling to keep their employees engaged, productive and adaptable. Below are just a few of the main takeaways from this valuable leadership panel: 

Humanize Your Day-to-Day Business  

  • Even if 80% of your staff work from home normally, the other 20% are currently experiencing major disruptions. In order to adapt to this new way of life, companies need to humanize the workday for employees and accept that there may be dogs barking, kids crying and disruptions that would otherwise not exist. Highlighting this point can help to minimize anxiety and stress for employees.  

Success is Vertically Driven 

  • In the past few weeks, as the shutdown became eminent, you saw it affect different industries in different ways. Some companies, like Drips, quickly paused, reset, and adapted to a work from home situation. Other verticals, such as home services, are getting hit a little harder by this major transition.   

Redirect Focus from Acquiring New Leads  

  • During a time when many companies are entering into unknown territory, they are looking to industry leaders to provide guidance about how they should be handling marketing campaigns, opt-in registrations, and SMS drip campaigns. Keeping existing clients warm and engaged is going to be a better tactic than trying to bring in fresh leads. Revisit the Rolodex and focus on existing partnerships.  

Minimize Project Scope  

  • If companies are going to protect their businesses and everything they do, it’s time to press pause. Take inventory of all the projects your company has going on and narrow your scope. Instead of focusing on a ton of small projects that probably should have never been started, redirect your attention and stop chasing things that won’t grow your business.  

Don’t Be Fooled by the Honeymoon Phase 

  • Some companies have made the transition to working from home efficiently, and it’s actually inspiring. The ones who did it right have even seen a boost in their call centers by building confidence in customers. But don’t be fooled. Challenges will arise as this new lifestyle continues and it’s important to stay realistic about what that future might look like.  

Check out the “Ask the Experts: COVID-19 Industry Alert” with Drips CEO, AC Evans

Interested in watching the entire LeadsCouncil panel on proactive approaches to tackling the Coronavirus? This town-hall-style session features a variety of top industry leaders including Joey Liner, CRO Digital Media Solutions, Erik Josowitz, Sr. Vice President Technology & Strategy AWL, Marty Collins, Chief Legal & Privacy Officer QuinStreet, Erik Kozak, Sr. Director, Marketing American Standard Brands, and AC Evans, CEO Drips. Click here to watch the full video.  

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