How to Use SMS Conversations to Increase Conversions

Imagine this scenario. Your customer is a full-time working mother of three teenagers. She is in charge of carpool and all three kids have activities after school in completely different locations. When she’s not playing chauffeur or multi-tasking by taking client calls on the road, then she’s at home making dinner, helping with homework and keeping her household running smoothly.  

In that scenario, when are you supposed to contact her? How are your calls supposed to cut through all the noise in her life? They can’t.  

Your business calls will fall on deaf ears time and time again. Not only does this strain your existing relationship with your customer, but it also makes it impossible to continue moving them further down the sales funnel. 

The fact of the matter is, it is difficult to get in touch with your customers over the phone. Availability is limited. SMS conversations are much more approachable, feasible and non-intrusive. SMS prevents your customers from getting annoyed by countless robo-dials and puts them back in control of setting up an appropriate time to talk that works with their schedule.

How SMS Conversations Can Increase Conversions

While many companies solely rely on text messaging to send promotions and alerts to customers, this is only barely scratching the surface of what SMS can do for companies. When used in a way that is humanized and conversational, text messaging can foster a genuine relationship with customers and help guide them to conversion.  

With the explosion of mobile marketing in recent years, Conversational Text Messaging™ has grown in value. Not only are you able to interact with customers in a non-intrusive way, but you can also do it in a way that is welcomed and appreciated by customers.  

What Conversational Text Messaging™ is doing is a revolutionary experience for customers. It is allowing customers to communicate in a way that they are most comfortable with. It gets the conversation started and flowing in a natural progression that moves customers closer to the final conversion.  

Not only can you use SMS conversations to set-up a phone call after initial contact has been made, but you can actually use it to create longer campaigns that keep your customers engaged and progressing through the sales process.  

Some of the ways businesses like yours are using Conversational Texting®️ include:  

  • Encouraging customers to download your app 
  • Offering helpful reminders to move customers through the sales cycle 
  • Providing notifications for when payments are due or forms need to be completed 
  • Reminders about checking emails for follow-up quotes
  • And more 

According to, sending text messages after contact has been established can result in a conversion rate increase of up to 112.6%.  

The key with conversational text messaging is to make sure every point of contact adds value for the customer. By empowering customers to take actions through text that are on their terms and their schedule, the outcome will yield much more targeted and positive results.

Drips Offers Best-in-Class Conversational Text Messaging™ 

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