How Drips is Leading the Way in Humanizing AI-Driven Marketing Campaigns

In October of 2019, 5.7 million robocalls were placed. And according to an article from, robocalls around the country are made at a rate of 182.7 million calls per day. These startling statistics are exactly why people don’t answer the phone for unknown callers anymore. People are starting to get more robocalls than actual phone calls.  

That’s where SMS marketing has begun to find its value in the industry. Text messages are more than just randomly generated robocalls. They include context and have an introduction. They are clear, concise and easily digestible for the consumer. They are a welcomed relief from millions of phone calls.  

But, not all text messages are created equally. The text messages you get to remind you of an upcoming appointment or a promotional coupon for a store you shop at isn’t the kind of message that leads to more qualified leads, improved conversions or a better ROI.

The Leader in Conversational Text Messaging

At Drips, we continue to innovate the way companies communicate with their prospects and customers, by creating a new category of texting that didn’t exist before. We call that Conversational Texting®. Our conversational AI understands tens of thousands of intent-driven responses to hold hundreds of millions of asynchronous conversations at a time for our clients. The result is lower acquisition costs, higher retention rates, and overall better customer experience.

And while it may seem a little contradicting to think about humanized AI campaigns, that’s exactly what we created. We did this to meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s customers. Expectations have never been higher to have more personalized experiences, at a time when it’s most convenient for them, resulting in creating an experience for the user that didn’t exist before. Instead of talking at them, we are creating natural conversations that encourage them to participate and take action.  

Our AI is extremely human-like in that it can answer questions, respond to messages and hold actual conversations with customers. These conversations are personalized and allow for information exchange and context to be conveyed.  Our system also helps you become more compliant, with best practices built-in to remove customers that are unhappy.

Not only can these campaigns help to connect you with a customer, but they typically last longer without being intrusive. The customer has control over the conversation and setting up any follow-up calls or correspondence. This empowers customers to engage in a way that they feel comfortable with and that gives them a positive impression of your brand.  

All of our AI-driven campaigns are constantly learning and evolving based on the situations they encounter. If a question or text message comes from a customer that we have never experienced, the conversation continues with an actual person and our AI uses that knowledge for future conversations.  

We also use the historical data from our AI conversations to create best practices around send times. This means, not only are we creating humanized conversations at scale, but we are leveraging best practices to improve your open rates and conversions.  

As we continue to expand our reach within the market, we are seeing the trend of creating meaningful, humanized relationships with customers becoming more popular and standardized. Drips is proud to be at the forefront of this approach to marketing and will continue making strides in the conversational marketing space to help our clients grow in a scalable way without having to hire or fire agents along the way.

About Drips

Drips is the first conversational texting® company of its kind, founding a new category and leading the way for some of the biggest brands in the world to use automated, humanized conversations at scale. Drips was honored as one of Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast 500™ award winners and CEO, A.C. Evans was also recognized as one of the 40UNDER40 Top Executives by DMN. On a daily basis, Drips engages in millions of completely humanized conversations with zero client-side operators. In a world where no one answers their phone, this innovation is priceless. Our team is available to talk about what Drips can do for you. Schedule a Consultation with us.