How Conversational Texting Can Save You Money

Have you considered adding SMS to your marketing strategy but aren’t sure how to ensure a strong ROI? We’ve written about the different use cases for push/blast messaging, two-way agent-enablement, and other SMS options (check it out here if you missed it). But if the fear of spending money is preventing you from considering Conversational Texting® as an option, we have three examples of how it should actually SAVE you money in the long run:

  • Turning your outbound call center into inbound
  • Being an enhancement vs. a replacement for your call center
  • Getting out of outbound calling altogether


Turn Your Outbound Call Center to Inbound

If you think about how an outbound call center works, you’re probably hyper-focused on the time it takes for an agent to complete each call. Let’s say it takes an average of two minutes for each call an agent makes. In an average 8-hour workday, that’s a maximum of 960 possible calls (which sounds like a lot), but then factor in that 86% of those calls won’t be answered (Martech). That means of those 960 calls, only about 134 conversations will take place. If the estimated average of 10% (ProSales Connection) of your remaining audience commits to the intended goal of the call, that only gives you 13 people who give you an affirmative interaction.

Even if you’re only paying $1/minute on the phone, you can see that this type of interaction rarely scales in favor of an outbound call center, mainly because agents are chasing low intent, cold leads. Drips’ Conversational Texting® platform can help you warm up these leads so that agents spend more time fielding high intent, inbound calls. Through audience engagement, we can persist a two-way conversation, measure intent, and prompt them to call when they’re ready to take the desired action.


How Conversational Texting Enhances Your Call Center (and Morale)

In the example above, we outlined how Drips’ Conversational Messaging® platform can help your audience make an informed decision to call into your call center. But it can also help enhance an already successful outbound call center. Here’s how it works:
You might decide to have your call center agents perform outbound dials on fresh leads for two days before placing them into an SMS campaign. Drips helps you engage your audience for days, weeks, or even months to develop a relationship with them. At the same time, we also prime them to receive a scheduled call, thus turning your cold outbound calls into warm inbound calls.

Instead of starting from scratch in a cold call, Conversational Texting® allows you to engage with your audience on their terms. This means your call center employees spend less time on the phone with people who don’t know your brand and more time with people ready to engage with you. It also gives agents a better employee experience because they are talking to people who WANT to talk to them and WANT more information on their product, which reduces staff turnover considerably.


Get Out of Outbound Calling

Drips drives more successful customer acquisition and retention for our clients than outbound calling alone because we engage with consumers in a respectful manner and on their own time . This builds a relationship, not a one-time communication attempt. And occasionally, there are even instances where Drips’ clients have ended up exiting the outbound calling space altogether because we generate enough inbound calls for them.

Think about it. Rather than the average close rate of 10%, Drips’ Conversational Messaging platform helped a client reach a 40% close rate which pays for the cost of working with Drips three times over. (We wish we could get this kind of return for other things in our lives.)

No matter which approach you decide to go with, it doesn’t make sense to have your call center agents chase low intent, cold leads. If you run them through Drips, your agents will be working with a high intent audience which allows you to scale up your lead purchasing. This gives you more opportunities to reach even more people. So why not see how Conversational Texting can help you transform your current outbound strategy, and maybe even save you some money in the long run?

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