Drips’ Justin Miller’s Top 5 Keys to Success as a Chief Operating Officer (COO)

COO Alliance Interviews Drips COO, Justin Miller

Founded by Cameron Herold, the COO Alliance is a network designed to strictly support company COOs. Their mission is simple; the COO Alliance works to build relationships with professionals and experts in every industry to support each other and grow holistically to be better people.  

Over the summer Drips COO, Justin Miller, had the privilege of sitting down for the COO Alliance Podcast. As the Chief Operating Officer for Drips, Justin is responsible for growth through the implementation of relevant processes and systems. He also oversees our ongoing operations and procedures.  

Prior to working for our conversational texting® company, Justin worked for years in the Private Equity space for technology-focused funds. The unique skillset he developed due to his experience in information technology management and infrastructure has given him the tools to help our growing start-up continue to find success month after month, year after year.  

The podcast is a great listen for anyone interested in learning more about his journey from the private equity space to Drips.

Key Takeaways from Justin Miller’s Interview

For COOs, many of the struggles they face are similar across industries. It can be hard for COOs to stay afloat, and Justin is no exception. Below are just a few of the key takeaways from Justin’s interview on the COO Alliance podcast: 

1. Always ask yourself, “am I doing a good job?”
You want to be fair in the way you spread out your time and ensure you are dedicating your time to where you can make the biggest impact. If something can wait until next week without causing a major issue, then move it down on the priority list to focus your attention on where it can make a difference.  

2. Surround yourself with people who can help and who you can trust.  
Sometimes the ‘who’ matters just as much as the ‘why.’ Who do you work alongside? Who do you work with? Who do you work for? Find people who can help you reach your goals efficiently and create a culture that promotes success.  

3. Organization and communication are at the root of a lot of things.  
When you are juggling a lot of projects at once, strong communication creates efficiency. That doesn’t mean having a ton of meetings, it means information sharing, reporting, and goal tracking.

4. Everything starts with a good list.  
Justin never tackles a project without a clear list of goals. Have an honest conversation with yourself about what is realistically achievable and get it down on paper. Create a list of goals, timelines, potential sticking points, etc.

5. Consider what you think versus what you know versus what can be proved through data-driven decisions.  
You know which of your customers are converting, which ones are losing, where you are spending budgetary dollars and where you should be spending it. You need to develop sound processes around making key business decisions.

Check out the COO Alliance Podcast with Drips COO, Justin Miller

Interested in listening to the entire podcast with Justin Miller? There is so much valuable information jam-packed that there is no way we could summarize it all. And the best part is, a lot of the takeaways are relevant beyond just COOs, but for anyone trying to create efficiencies within their company. Click here for the full transcript and audio of his interview with Cameron Herold, “The CEO Whisperer.”