Creative is the Variable

If you’ve been following our blog series this month, you’re probably already doing transactional and trigger-based messages (or at least thinking about it). You may have even sprinkled in some personalization elements as well. But what’s the next step?

Think about the last time you tried to convince someone to do something for you — like deciding who goes first in a bowling game. Unless you happen to be the best rhetorician in the world, chances are you had to have a conversation instead of just stating a request. You might have talked with someone about the intricacies of the situation and even had reasons to support your claim. Presenting your case in a conversational way was probably more effective than just saying, “You should let me bowl first.”

Well, in this example, conversation is the operative word. And to hold engaging conversations, you might need to leverage a Conversational Texting® platform. Why? Because it’s the most effective way to drive engagement and responses:


Why Conversation is Key

If you’re familiar with the five different types of texting, you’ll know that conversational messaging gives you the ability to engage with your audience by driving conversations through an AI-powered platform. These conversations are strategically tailored to your enterprise and often shed light on your audience’s intent, giving you valuable insight that you wouldn’t normally have.

In addition to handling millions of conversations at once (all with zero added headcount), a Conversational Texting® platform echoes real-life conversations with persistent, focused messaging. A blast messaging approach might involve you sending one or two messages on a set schedule, but conversational messaging mimics a persistent (but friendly) messaging approach that doesn’t just stop after two or three messages. Though Drips’ average conversation lasts a few days, our Conversational Texting® platform lets us continue engaging for weeks, or even months.

But persistence isn’t the only thing that will set your messages apart. Although conversational messaging will open up avenues you didn’t have before, the key to making it successful and setting yourself apart from everyone else sending text messages is creativity.


Get Creative in Your Approach

In any industry, the creative aspect of your approach is going to be the thing that sets you apart from your competitors using similar technology. After all, the average person spends more than 25% of his or her waking time on their mobile device (Forbes), so you need to make your texts stand out.

You already know that a bland approach to SMS doesn’t work — if it did, transactional messaging would have a 100% conversion rate and result in record sales. The expectation for engaging SMS is to harness a creative approach. And since there are limitations in what you can do in a text, we looked to marketing psychological cues as a way to set yourself apart.

  • Concession 
    • When people perceive that a business is conceding to them (via discount or another promo), they are more likely to make a purchase even if they don’t necessarily need it.
    • Example: Sending a follow-up message a day after no response that offers a 10% discount.
  • Priming
    • Priming occurs when an affirmative response before the question is even asked. It’s also called “the yes before the yes.”
    • Example: Message your audience before you call them to increase their chance of picking up the phone. Now they’re expecting a call, so they’re more likely to answer.
  • Recency
    • Reminding your audience that they’ve already spoken to you (or discovered your company) can make a dramatic difference in how they interact with your SMS messages.
    • Example: If they found you using Google, say something like, “Thanks for finding us on Google…”
  • Social Proof
    • The concept of wanting something because other people like it or have a consensus that it’s good makes it desirable.
    • Example: “30 other people in your area are also looking at the same policy!”

(Want more on marketing psychological cues? Keep a lookout for the Art of the Message Guide — coming soon!)


Test Your Creativity (Literally)

The thing about creativity is that it’s subjective. What resonates with some people might not resonate with others. That’s because different flows and funnels work better for different audiences. But how do you find out what works for you? Simple — you test it.

Here are some quick hitters you can think about the next time you prepare a test:

  • Statements vs. questions
  • Including callback numbers or not
  • Different CTAs

Different flows/ funnels work better for different audiences. Try out a few options to see what works for you. Keep in mind, if you don’t have a high volume, you should try to focus on perfecting your existing messaging first before you start testing.

Need some help? Reach out to Drips. We’re happy to discuss your SMS approach and help you identify areas for improvement.