Connecting with Consumers: Understanding Their Needs and Humanizing the Process

Would you say that you’re good at humanizing your marketing?

Most marketers do. But in fact, almost everyone could be doing it better.

Buyer behavior is changing fast — faster than you might realize. And when it comes to connecting with consumers, brands are lagging behind.

The result? Lower engagement and less conversions.

Marketers think that if they just do more — more calls, more emails, more ads — things will turn around. But the fact of the matter is that consumer attention just isn’t there anymore.

These days, successful marketing doesn’t just mean volume, it means personalization. You need to communicate one-on-one with leads, customize their every touchpoint, and meet them on their terms.

Simply put, big brands need to act small. But how?

HOW TO: Humanize your lead generation to drive engagement and conversions

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