3 Books You Should Read During Shelter in Place

During these uncertain times, community is becoming more important than ever. At Drips, we have been doing everything we can to support our internal team, our clients, and our community through local Akron food banks.

In an effort to spread a little joy during these challenging months, we gifted our clients with Audible subscriptions. Included with each subscription was a short description of three of A.C. Evans’ top picks to read during the shelter in place orders. 

If you’ve been following our blog, you have probably read some of A.C.’s tips for becoming a better reader. And if you’re ready to put these lessons into practice during your time at home, below are his top three books to put at the top of your reading list.

  • Man’s Search for Meaning 

According to A.C., “In a time like this, I can think of no other book more applicable to help with adjusting our perception and mindset during this pandemic.” In this book by Victor Frankl, he pens his personal experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. He describes his psychotherapeutic method for creating a purpose in life that leads to positivity despite what’s happening around him. 

  • 5 Love Languages 

While this book might not be the first book you’d expect A.C. to recommend, he says, “There’s never been a time in history where we have been given the opportunity to (forced to) spend so much time with our significant others. Divorce rates are sadly set to spike due to this shelter in place. This is the perfect opportunity to consider and adjust how to best to show and receive your appreciation to one another.” This book explains the five distinct and emotional love languages. It gives you and your partner an opportunity to explore the ways in which you like to give and receive love, hopefully helping to build a stronger relationship. 

  • The ONE Thing 

As A.C. so perfectly says it, “I’ve personally been reflecting on impact over effort these last few weeks. It’s so easy to get caught up in being ‘busy’ and touching a lot of stuff during our normal work routine. The buzz and noise of the office (to some of us) are intoxicating. One of the many wins I plan to take out of this crisis is a renewed focus on prioritization.” The ONE Thing focuses on a few key points that are designed to teach you the most important questions you can ask yourself to prioritize your efforts.

As recommended by A.C., you should always read multiple books at once. And with this list of recommendations from our Drips CEO, you have no excuse not to get started. Learn more about A.C.’s recommendations by watching him explain his choices in detail in this video:

It is easy to let these challenging times consume your mind. Reading or listening to books on Audible can help you refocus your attention, turn off Netflix, learn something new about yourself and the people around you, and help you continue to grow within the four walls of your home.